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Hello Beautiful Souls,

My name is Mary and I am Founder of Lotus Yoga  Academy and White Light Wellness Centre.  I am a Spiritual Entrepreneur, a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Bodyworker, Certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Lightworker, Yoga Teacher, and Lead Facilitator. 


As a teenager I always felt the calling to help and serve others.  I just wasn’t sure in what capacity. Over the course of many years of Spiritual Exploration, Yoga found me and I fell in love with the physical and spiritual practice. I wanted to share this gift of yoga with others.  Yoga lead me to take my 200HR YTT program in 2005, I knew that this new journey would ignite my heart and my soul.  Guided by Spirit, the Angels and my higher self, in 2013 I opened a yoga studio in Mississauga, ON - Yoga City.  Although it was very successful, I was guided to move forward to embark on another journey.  In 2018 I decided to close the doors and focus on my healing practice and yoga academy in Guelph, ON.


I have been leading trainings since 2013. I have certified over 300 students.  Over the past few years I have deepened my knowledge of yoga with a 300HR YTT course and received my Reiki Master Certification, Crystal Healer Certificate, Goddess & Priestess Certificate, and Angelic Reiki Certificate. 


Combining all these beautiful healing modalities. I am able to share my gifts of yoga, healing and guidance.  I know that being able to spread love, light and kindness starts with fostering a healthy relationship with the Self.   

​​I am a conduit of light for the service of Spirit and all beings.  My Soul is my eternal guide, mentor, guru, beloved and friend. My soul is where I look for my own healing and where I receive guidance for the work that I do with others.


My intention is to provide a sacred space for healing so that you may discover your true calling and share your light with the world


Thank you for reading and I wish to be of service to you.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Mary, xoxoxo

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