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Become a Crystal Bodyworker!

In this in-depth and practical hands on in-person crystal therapy class, you will learn how to use crystals for healing as a self- healing tool, healing for family and friends and your clients.

This course is designed for beginners as well as experienced practitioners to hone their skills in ... Learn to use a crystal body layout for clearing and healing

You will learn:

  • How to choose, cleanse, consecrate, charge and activate your crystals for healing.

  • How to become attuned to crystals and receive a Crystal Healing Activation to work more proficiently with the stones.

  • About the body’s energy systems and how to balance the chakras with crystals

  • Learn about crystal healing body layouts ‘nets”.

  • How to use crystals for 40 different body layouts for healing specific physical and emotional illnesses.  Such as: Depression, migraines, ADHD, spine health, PMS, period pain, menopause, sleep and much more.

  • Learn about stones for protection, clearing and grounding both for yourself and your clients.

  • Give and receive a crystal healing body layout treatment.

  • Crystal wands – how to use them to clear the energy field of yourself or your clients.

  • Make and take home a gem elixir and spray for grounding, protection and clearing.

  • Preparing your space for a healing session.

  • Insurance policy.

This course includes a crystal practitioner kit; everything you need to get you started with crystal healing as well as a detailed course manual. Your practitioner kit includes: a 7 stone crystal chakra set, stones for crystal body layouts, a crystal activation wand, and a pendulum for dowsing.

This course is offered twice in the Fall 2020.  Please choose a day that works best for you.  



Monday October 19 from 10-7pm 


Saturday November 7 from 10-7pm

Location: White Light Wellness Centre (Guelph)

Investment:  $444 plus HST

(Manual and $100 divination tools included in cost of program)

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