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Lotus Yoga Academy was founded as a center for spiritual teachings and healing to support those who wish to serve by putting into practice the sacred teachings of Yoga, Light and Love.  We come into this world to bring to light our own soul-purpose and to reveal our own gifts, so we can serve the world and advance our own spiritual evolution.

The essence of the academy is to provide a holistic, powerfully, life-changing experiences and offerings that guide our students to awaken to their hearts calling as they embark on this sacred path. Our intention is to open our students to live in a higher vibrational life of beauty, presence, union, grace, and bliss.

Our programs are designed to offer the opportunity for spiritual exploration, to embrace the path of the Yogi, the lightworker and the enlightened mystic, helping you to remember your soul’s gifts and to step into your calling as a teacher,

lightworker and guide.  Namaste xx


Meaning of the Merkaba

This symbol carries within it an extraordinary capacity of Spiritual Transformation. 


The word Merkaba in Hebrew means Light, Body, and Spirit.   The ‘union” of spirit with the body, surrounded by light. 


The Merkaba represents pure divine energy, constantly spinning, harmonizing, balancing, flowing, moving and expanding in all four directions at all times supporting you where you want to go.  It is eternal oneness and light and It plays the role of a healer and a guide in our lives.


Discover your light.  You are the Merkaba!

Program Offerings


200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Our unique YTT programs blends traditional Hatha Yogic Teachings and spirituality with energy healing modalities to provide a holistic, powerfully, life-changing experience that guides you to awaken to your hearts calling as you embark on this sacred path. 

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Customized Programs

The Academy offers a wide variety of yoga teacher trainings and holistic programs to help you learn, grow and evolve.  From in-person, to distance learning and e-learning options, we strive to provide flexible learning with options of study designed to enable learners to balance work, life and learning to suit their own needs.  Choose the right combination of courses that suits your interests.  LEARN MORE (33).png

Continuing Education

In this vast and ever changing world of Yoga, it is essential to continue to evolve and learn new ways to enhance your skills as both a healer and a guide.  In this vast and ever changing world of Yoga, it is essential to continue to evolve and learn new ways to enhance your skills as both a healer and a guide. LEARN MORE


Holistic Courses

Explore your inner power with our Holistic Courses to help you to realign body, mind and soul.  These workshops and courses will take you on journey of self-discovery and self-healing.  Learn about the Goddess, Angels, Crystals, The Energy System (Chakra's), Yoga and more!  LEARN MORE (1).png

Virutal Courses

We pride ourselves on providing students with flexible ways to learn.  We offer in-person programs at our Guelph, Ontario location, Online and Distance Learning options. Anyone around the world can join and connect with us!  LEARN MORE (31).png

Yoga Classes

New summer class offerings

Join Mary this summer for her heartfelt and intuitive yoga classes.  Her classes are gently challenging and deeply nourishing..  Awaken to your fullest potential and

discover your own magic! LEARN MORE


Meet Your Facilitators

Mary Vivilecchia

Mary E-RYT500 and lead facilitator, is inspired to share the healing power of yoga with the community and is continuously seeking to learn, explore and live the path of yoga as teacher and humble student.  Mary views this sacred practice as a path of self-discovery and self-love and as a divine tool to deepen our connection with Spirit.  She infuses her offerings with many modalities, including, Reiki, working with Angels, Goddess, Crystals and Ceremony.  Her intention is leave her students feeling empowered, centered, focused and inspired to continue their yoga practice off the mat.  Mary holds space for her students to dive deeper into their practice both physically and spiritually and to connect with the light within.  LEARN MORE

Guest Facilitators

Donny Day - Pranayama and Ayurveda

Andi Jakowlew - Anatomy

Chanele Tangco - Essential Oils

More to be added...


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