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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Continuing Education: For existing Yoga Teachers

Welcome to the quieter side of your teaching and practice! This 25 hour  ONLINE LIVE Yin Yoga Teacher Training provides a solid foundation of the theory and methodology of Yin Yoga.  You will be introduced to yin yoga poses that work along the body’s meridians (energy pathways) and Chi (energy).  Learn about the effects on the bio-mechanics of the body including how the poses work on fascia and connective tissue.  We will also explore how Yin Yoga works on deep levels to still the mind and balance the emotions, even releasing long held emotions on a cellular level.


During your training you will be guided through the teaching method and sequencing of 20 key poses in Yin Yoga, and variations on these poses.  Using a combination of practice, theory and group work, we will explore together the amazing world of yin!


Discover the deep power of this seated, long held practice. Dive into your breath, reconnect with your sweet and powerful self and create a nurturing and peaceful environment for relaxation, rejuvenation and bliss for your selves and others.


Upon completion of this training you will be fully equipped to teach yin classes with confidence as well as deepening your own yin home practice.


Core Curriculum

  • Yin Yoga Practice

  • Yin and Yang Philosophy

  • The Yin and Yang Meridians

  • Anatomy of Fascia and Inner Flow

  • Energy and the Elements

  • Teaching Methodology, Techniques & Practice

  • Incorporating Yin Yoga into all classes

  • Pre and post-natal student

  • Themes and Meditation

Accreditation and certification

This training is accredited with International Yoga Alliance and counts towards your continuous professional development hours with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the course you will receive a 25-hr certificate that you can use to register your hours with Yoga Alliance. 

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Course Materials

  • Lotus Yoga Yin Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Certification of Completion 

FALL 2021 & WINTER 2022 Course Dates

Sat/Sun Sept. 18 & 19 2021 from 11-6:00pm - both days

Sat/Sun Feb. 12 & 13 2022  from 11 -6:00pm both days

Location: Lotus Yoga Academy / Guelph

Email: to register!


Investment: $525 plus HST (13%) = $583.76

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