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Lotus Yoga Academy's 200hr Online Yoga Teacher Training blends traditional yogic teachings and spirituality with energy healing to provide a holistic, powerfully, life-changing experience that guides you to awaken to your hearts calling as you embark on this sacred path.  

This is an in-depth program that goes above and beyond what is required to be certified to teach and has the capacity to bless you personally and professionally far beyond this training.  This program is designed to offer the opportunity for spiritual exploration, to embrace the path of the Yogi, the lightworker and the enlightened Mystic, helping you to remember your soul’s gifts and to step into your calling as a teacher, lightworker and guide.  We will focus on the expansion of your own sacred consciousness, as you dive deep into the Yogic Ancient Mystic Teachings and Holistic Healing. Living in a higher vibrational life of beauty, presence, grace, and bliss.

Throughout this process, we will be cultivating the principals of love, compassion, gratitude, surrender, and self-less service.  We will prepare our hearts and minds to receive the grace of unconditional love and wisdom, and become the instrument of the Divine through love and devotion.

This program is designed for those souls who are interested deepening their personal connection to this practice. Learn to use the tools of yoga to find within yourself a limitless source of intuition, power, and grace.

This online 200hour course offers plenty of practice teaching to strengthen confidence in your voice and your skills as an instructor, lightworker and healer.  Be inspired and prepared to share your light with your community.

“The most ancient traveler in the world is love,” Swami Rama


Journey begins

Mondays July 12 - Oct 25, 2021

from 10:00am to 1:00pm (EST) or

7:00pm to 10:00pm (EST)

EARLY BIRD PRICING $1500 plus HST (Paid by June 30/2021)

*$2300 plus HST (Paid after June 30/2021)

*Payment plans offered on the full price of program*

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Ancient Wisdom Teachings

  • The study of The Bhagavad Gita

  • Ashtanga: The Eight Limb Path - Patanjali

  • Live with daily intentions (Sankalpa) to deepen your personal development

  • Study and honoring the Hindu Gods & Goddess

  • The practice of  Mudras and Mantras

  • Bhaki Yoga - Daily Devotional Practice



Teaching Methodology & Business of Yoga

  • Explore the art of teaching, alignment and assisting,  to gain more knowledge, insight and clarity.

  • Teacher Yoga -Student & Teacher relationship

  • Learn the art of sequencing and themes

  • Find your authentic voice as a yoga teacher

  • Yoga Ethics

  • Learn the Art of Business and explore your vision for bringing this practice into your community and online

  • Branding, Marketing and Social Media



Yogic Lifestyle, Self Mastery, Anatomy & Nutrition

  • Functional Yoga Anatomy

  • Essential Yoga Physiology

  • The Practice of Pranayama

  • Yogic Diet

  • Meditation 101

  • Prenatal Yoga 101



Yogic Energetics & Sacred Teachings

  • Explore Chakras, Bandhas, and energetic anatomy

  • Chakra Yoga - Connecting Deeper Within

  • Experience and learn to guide sacred rituals such as: Full and New moon Ceremonies,  Earth Gratitude Ceremony, and Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • Experience and learn how-to host a Sacred Circle 

  • Sacred space and Altar Creation

  • Explore Crystals and Essential Oils

​Program Features

200HR Yoga Course

Virtual Learning

YTT Manual (PDF)

Chakra Manual (PDF)

Sacred Teachings Manual (PDF)

FREE Zoom Yoga classes weekly - guided by our amazing YTT graduates

Take part in interactive workshops such as:  Crystals, Candle Magick, and Altar Creation

All classes will be recorded for future reference and also available if you happen to miss a class!

Personal mentoring sessions with lead facilitator to guide you along the way

Includes (1) distance Reiki/Chakra balancing treatment with Mary

Guest facilitators that are experts in the yoga community.

Be a part of a Global Community

Full & New Moon Rituals

Lifetime Support

Obtain your 200hr YTT  International Yoga Alliance Certificate

Journey begins

Mondays July 12 - Oct 25, 2021

from 10:00am to 1:00pm (EST) or

7:00pm to 10:00pm (EST)

EARLY BIRD PRICING $1500 plus HST (Paid by June 30/2021)

*$2300 plus HST (Paid after June 30/2021)

*Payment plans offered on the full price of program*

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